Guy Distance – Does it work? How to use this method

Relationships between men and women are complicated, but we often make relationships even more confusing for ourselves. There are many ways to help you seduce the opposite sex. Guiding distance is a popular bunny hunting technique. does it work? The answer is here, so be sure to check out the article.

Guy Distance – Does it work? Distance creates a kind of wall between two people. You can say that you are ignoring your opponent. Such behavior may be perceived as a form of wariness, mistrust, or simply a lack of compassion.

Not all women are good at approaching and seducing someone. There are many superstitions and advice that have been repeated for a long time. In this case, pretending to be absent is arguably the biggest blow. Probably every girl used it at least once in her life.

Distancing yourself from men is one of the most popular solutions women choose regardless of age. does it work? It is well known that there is no universal method that is equally effective, i.e. works equally for everyone.

Keeping an appropriate distance from a man gives the girl a certain advantage, because at the moment she feels insecure, although the secret seduces him. It also allows him to have time for himself because the woman isn’t pushing herself too hard or expecting too much attention.

It’s important to maintain a sense of distance not only when flirting, but also in love. This method has pros and cons, but it’s not guaranteed to work all the time. This is a very personal matter, as not everyone is tempted by their unavailability.

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Why is it worth keeping your distance from men?

The so-called rabbit hunting is a little mysterious and unapproachable for men. At this point, he tries to “catch” the girl because he finds her very attractive and interesting. How does it work? It starts by making a man feel special and amazing, and then suddenly he’s gone.

Avoid contact, take care of yourself, and look for excuses to avoid meetings. This is a deliberate action intended to arouse greater curiosity. For the most part, men are the quintessential conquerors, and it cannot be denied that this is why they prefer to “hunt.” It’s no wonder some people fall in love with this game.

The proverbial rabbit hunt is a well-thought-out tactic that creates great tension on both sides. It attracts men’s attention and leads to trying to charm women. However, it doesn’t take long to pretend you can’t contact them.

Otherwise, you will simply become bored or lack the determination to pursue your goals. An interesting fact is that while this method is popular, it unfortunately yields the best results when it comes to men who avoid commitments and long-term relationships.

Possible negative effects of keeping your distance from men

Many women try to keep their distance from men. They act this way on purpose, forgetting that this method of seduction has some negative effects. This is a risky option that should not be overlooked.

– Difficulty building relationships based on trust and security not always good results

– Some people take a long time to open up and give up quickly

– Boyfriend may end a relationship over time due to a lack of success

– Most guys prefer brighter situations, but this is still a game

– Not taking yourself seriously

– Stop “chasing” for fear of rejection


Remember that people are different. The rabbit hunting method doesn’t work because men tend to be shy, introverted, and unsociable. In relationships, he values ​​solid foundations, and avoiding or avoiding contact is not the best place to start.

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