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Wedding: What do you have to consider if you have different denominations?

If real love grows from an acquaintance, then at some point the question arises as to whether a wedding will follow. However, denomination and religion can complicate this process. What needs to be considered?

In Germany, everyone is allowed to marry

The Catholic Church has higher requirements than the Protestant

Muslims are also allowed to marry in the church

If you and your partner are not of the same denomination, you can still get married. In the following, we will shed some light on the matter and explain what you need to consider.

What do you have to watch out for if you want to get married but have different denominations?

Since the ” marriage for all ” everyone in Germany has been allowed to marry. In addition, the church marriage of two people with different denominations is possible. However, the Catholic Church in particular still restricts this. There are no longer any restrictions at the registry office, while some churches are still struggling. However, it is becoming increasingly common for the bride and groom to no longer belong to the same denomination.

Even if one of the two does not believe in God at all, a church wedding can be done. Then the wedding usually takes place as part of a Liturgy of the Word. If the bridal couple is not of the same denomination, then it must be decided beforehand which rite the wedding ceremony will be celebrated according to.

At Catholic-Protestant weddings, the pastor of the other denomination can also celebrate the service and keep up. This type is also known as an ecumenical wedding ceremony. Incidentally, the decision in which church possible children will later be baptized does not have to be made at this point.

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How do you prepare?

For both a Catholic and a Protestant wedding, one partner must be a member of this religious community. In the end, it is always up to the pastor to decide whether the wedding will take place. Therefore, the pastor should be spoken to in good time before the wedding to find possible alternatives. While some clergy already have difficulties with a partner belonging to a different denomination, others are now very open.

The wedding ceremony for couples of different denominations is no longer a problem, but it can sometimes require more effort. In any case, there will be at least one wedding talk with the pastor carried out. The reason for the marriage is discussed as well as questions of faith. You should prepare a little for this conversation. At the same time, certain documents are required for the wedding ceremony:

– Identity card

– Certificate of baptism

– Confirmation certificate (Catholic) or confirmation certificate (Protestant)

– Marriage certificate (if the civil marriage has already taken place) or certificate of registration for marriage


The church is now moving with the times and allows different denominations to marry. Depending on the denomination, a little effort is necessary, but the marriage can still be entered into in a church.

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