The ideal age to get married

The ideal age to get married: According to a German proverb, “Early marriage, long love. To determine when the perfect age for marriage truly occurs, a study was conducted.

Average age of marriage using an algorithm to calculate marriage age research conducted by sociologist Wolfinger

Determining the perfect age for marriage is a dilemma for many couples. Some desire to marry their partner as soon as possible, while others believe it is important to wait. A study aims to uncover the ideal age for marriage.

Mathematical calculation of the optimal marriage age

In 2021, the average age for women to get married was 32. , and for men, it was 34. , according to the Statistics portal. Since the survey began in 2009, it has been observed that the average age of individuals getting married has consistently increased. However, does this represent the ideal age for marriage?

Journalist Brian Christian and cognitive scientist Tom Griffith explored this question in their book “Algorithms to Live By. They determined that the perfect age for marriage is 26 years old, using an algorithm known as the 37 percent rule.

This rule, also referred to as the “secretary problem” in statistics, is commonly used when an organization seeks to hire a secretary. The 37 percent rule states that the probability of finding the best applicant is highest when evaluating 37 percent of the candidates. Applied to partner selection, the rule works as follows: Assess 37 percent of potential partners, noting the one who stands out the most.

Then, continue evaluating the remaining candidates and choose the person who appears more suitable than the initial choice. Griffith and Christian set the partner search timeframe between 18 and 40 years old. By the age of 26, individuals have evaluated approximately 37 percent of potential partners, making it the optimal time for marriage.

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It is important to note that the timeframe for choosing a partner and the ideal age for marriage cannot be universally generalized. While some couples marry quickly, others may prefer not to marry at all or feel more comfortable waiting longer before tying the knot.

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