When You Have Feelings for Someone Else: What to Do?

You find yourself with a racing heart and butterflies in your stomach, but these feelings are not directed towards your partner – they’re for someone else. It seems like you’ve fallen in love with someone other than your partner. What does this mean? How should you behave? And what can you do if your feelings for this other person continue to grow stronger?

When we talk about being in love with someone else, we mean being interested in and finding another person attractive and exciting, even though we’re already in a committed relationship. This can lead to immense confusion and initially make our world feel like it’s falling apart. We’re here to help you navigate through these situations and act accordingly.

5 Reasons Why We Develop Feelings for Strangers

In general, it’s possible for either partner in a relationship to develop feelings for someone else. However, the likelihood of this happening is significantly lower when the current relationship is going well for both individuals. Here are some potential causes for falling in love with someone else:

  1. Disillusionment: After a couple of years together, feelings of disillusionment often arise as the initial excitement fades and everyday life takes over. A new person can quickly appear exciting and enticing, in contrast to the monotonous routine with your partner
  2. Attention: It’s easy to forget the importance of regularly showing our partner love and appreciation. We all need validation from time to time and should receive ample attention from our significant other. If we seek this attention from someone else instead of our partner, it can quickly lead to emotional turmoil.
  3. Unfulfilled Expectations: The dream of a perfect family and an idyllic life may not materialize as we initially hoped. Dissatisfaction can quickly spread, and we may start seeking more from life. A new partner may seem like a plausible solution.
  4. Gap Filler: Do you ever feel like something is missing in your relationship? This can lead you to believe that another person can fill that void.
  5. No Particular Reason: Unfortunately, there is no universal recipe for life, especially when it comes to matters of the heart. It’s possible to fall in love with another person even when you’re in a happy relationship. It’s quite possible to love two people at the same time.
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Do you feel a certain attraction towards your new coworker? Does the smile of the baker enchant you every morning? Not every infatuation is love. However, if you can relate to many of the following points, it’s possible that you’ve fallen in love with someone else:

– You find yourself sharing every detail of your life with this person.

– You constantly talk about them and casually mention them in conversations.

– You try to spend as much time as possible with them.

– You find yourself defending this person in front of your partner.

– You take an interest in the things that make this person unique (their music, movies, hobbies, etc.

What Can You Do If You’re in Love with Someone Else? 4 Helpful Tips

It’s not uncommon for anyone to develop feelings for someone else. However, it’s crucial to handle these situations with care. It’s beneficial if you and your partner continue to act as a team. Here are some suggestions on how to proceed:

  1. Contemplate the Future: There are essentially two options. Either you choose the other person and leave your current life behind, or you stay with your partner and make an effort to let go of the new crush quickly. Consider what a new partner would mean for you now and in the long run. Are you genuinely happy in your current relationship?
  2. Open Up: Even if these feelings are fleeting and likely to fade away, it’s generally advisable to have an open conversation with your partner about these new emotions. Without discussing them, there is no chance to work on the relationship or address any unmet needs.
  3. Address Underlying Issues: Disappointments, unfulfilled expectations, or unresolved conflicts often create distance in relationships. Now is the time to confront these issues and work towards resolving them. By doing so, you can strengthen your relationship and potentially save it.
  4. Take Your Time: It’s essential to give yourself space and time to process your thoughts, as they can be overwhelming in these situations. A clear mind is crucial right now. Take a break, escape from everyday life, and focus on self-reflection. Often, during this time, you’ll gain clarity about what you truly want in life.

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